Many Travelers Are dying from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning..The Silent Killer…

Written by on November 10, 2022

There are stories circulating of 3 black Americans who recently was found in their hotel room in Mexico City dead. I wanted to cover this story but I can’t because time will not permit me to. Many people is jumping to conclusions and thinking it was foul play but I am not going to say it was. There is also another report of a group of Americans who became sick and one died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. The others was hospitalized for over 5 days
In the other group everyone died in a Airbnb and one of them called thier family before they died complaining of stomach pain and vomiting…
I was also a victim of this over a month ago but thank God I recognize the symptoms and was about to get out from the environment and get fresh air while I was vomiting and had very bad headache…there have also been similar situations I’ve seen happening recently in the Bahamas and other places. Always make sure that your Aircon is working properly and with the proper seals. Also you might want to invest in a portable carbon monoxide detector. This can be life saving. Also if you are having headaches or vomiting please go to the hospital and if you have Aircon get it checked.

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