Will Black Men traveling become targeted since passport bros leader Auston Hollerman situation in Brazil?

Written by on January 18, 2023

This passport bro movement is not looking good. Chatrooms and groups all over South America, Asia, North America and all over has labeled them as predators and men who are rejects from North America roaming around the world seeking whom they may devour. I am upset with all of this because before that movement black men traveled in silence and with respect. There was no need for the Tom Foolery and insulting and degrading women.
Now these discussions has made a target of all black men with a passports. I’ve been traveling and living out the country for years and never seen the reason to post the things I’ve seen some posting online and also never seen the need to post certain content for clicks and views. I am in content heaven here and I choose not to do certain content because I see it as distasteful and I wouldn’t want my family or friends seeing these things. But some will do anything for views, attention and a dollar.. it’s not worth it to me. For years black men like myself moved in silence like other men of different ethnicity do when they travel. But now days things has changed since “Passport Bros” movement. Unlike our African brothers who are more well traveled, young  Black American men  go to social media and post embarrassing videos of them throwing money up in the air like they’re at a strip club or hip hop video. They’re publicly sexually exploiting the foreign women while spewing hate at western women from their native countries online. Majority of these guys never take the time to learn the culture or the language. Most of them only focus on sex and posting their sexcape online for clout and also money as they monetize the content.  And unfortunately many black American men who lack experience in traveling see these guys on social media and follow them. They’re motivated to just “get their passport” and meet exotic women. Some support them and also pay these inexperienced travelers consultant fees. Already we’ve seen in a very short time Auston Hollerman get run out of the country he touted as the best country in the world. Now he’s singing a different song these days. He took a flight to Thailand and already back to doing the same thing he was doing in Brazil. It seems that the young 23 year old man from Dallas Texas haven’t really learned his lesson. He and many others feel like he did nothing wrong and they are saying that the Brazilians took everything out of context and it was all a misunderstanding. Hollerman feels it’s alright to travel to different countries and exploit the women and be very disrespectful. The young man must not be familiar with the story of Cuba Dave and many others who violated the law in regards to exploiting and promoting sex tourism which is a serious crime in most countries.  The young man was very lucky to escape from Brazil in the nick of time.

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