Kyrie Irving only posted a link but being treated worst than someone who shot up a synagogue

Written by on November 7, 2022

I  think it’s ridiculous what they are doing to Kyrie Irving. It’s like watching a public lynching. The man already apologized and paid a half of million dollars to the Jews but this is not enough. They are literally butt breaking this guy and making an example out of him. They’re always talking about them being tortured and being unjustified punished by Nazis when they are doing the same to this brother for just posting a damn link. Also it’s very ridiculous seeing black basketball players not supporting but also criticizing Kyrie Irving just for posting a link. Maybe this is why Jesus who was a black man crusified because He proclaimed to be “King of the Jews”.  Clearly it’s a crime to have a voice and to know your history and heritage. It is very apparent that they are not finished with Kyrie Irving. There is more to come. They are really trying to break him all the way down.

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